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Curtiss Wright

Office Manager

Trained by Chuck Strike himself, Curtiss Wright is an expert ASV/Bobcat operator, office and sales manager. In more ways than one, Curtiss provides the grease that helps keep the wheels turning at Balsam Tree & Shrub Care.

Megan has a Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota, and is a Specialist in Native Minnesota trees, shrubs, woodland wildflowers, prairies, and birds. With over 35 years as an Interpretive Naturalist at Maplewood, Tamarack and Warner Nature Centers, Megan has the expert knowledge of Minnesota flora required to develop well-planned planting designs to improve her customers’ existing landscaping.

Beyond applying her expert knowledge as a Naturalist, Megan also plays a critical administrative role at Balsam Tree & Shrub Care. If you need to get an estimate or schedule a job, there’s a good chance you’ll be talking to her.

Chuck started out his career with a Bachelor in Science in Forestry from the University of Minnesota. Before starting his own company, he worked from 1975-1978 as a City Forester for the City of Fridley, and as an Arborist for Aspen Tree Services from 1979-1980.

Chuck created Balsam Tree & Shrub Care to save trees, and that what he’s been doing for over 35 years. By properly trimming, cabling, and caring for his customers’ trees, he saves them from the potential hazards of the life of a tree. However, Chuck doesn’t just protect trees, he protects his people too. When a more dangerous or hazardous task comes along, he does it himself, end of discussion.

Travis is Chuck and Megan’s son, and has over 13 years of experience in the family business. He is an outstanding climber, bucket truck operator, and ASV operator. Throughout his career with Balsam Tree & Shrub Care, he has become extremely proficient at landscape construction and maintenance, and is a true tree and shrub care professional.

In addition to the family business, Travis is also a Fire Fighter in Marine on St. Croix. He is a certified arborist and holds an Associates in applied science degree.

Travis Strike


Megan & ChuckStrike


Professional Team

Our Mission

At Balsam Tree & Shrub Care, our mission is simple: to design, improve and manage your outdoor environment

Our Pledge

We here at Balsam Tree & Shrub Care pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.