Balsam Tree & Shrub Care


Stem Girdling Roots

    Critical Root Radius > 40%

This is the maximum amount of girdling that can be allowed before treatment is no longer a viable option, and removal is recommended.

Stem Girdling Roots

Common Causes

  • Planting too deep.
  • Containerized trees.
  • Improperly planting with encircling or girdling roots.

How do I tell if my trees have SGR?

  • Stem Girdling Roots have physical symptoms like those seen to the right.
  • Bloating at the base of the trunk as a result of compressed cells and reduced transport.

Potential issues if not resolved

  • SGRs reduce water transport, which causes stress and dehydration.
  • This can promote instability and decline.
  • Higher frequency of frost cracking results from this stress.
  • SGRs promote decline in trees, but not necessarily immediate death.
  • Declining trees attract pests and pathogens, which can lead to further infection of your landscape.